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April seed sowing with Monty

The summer months may be when you truly get to enjoy your garden but it's dependent on the choices you make now. Whether you're dreaming of a bountiful veg patch or beautiful new borders, many seeds need starting this month, Monty shares some sowing ideas, below.More...

April planting guide with Monty

It's April, the sun is shining (at least some of the time!) and the garden is full of life and colour again. Looking for some inspiration for what to plant in the garden now? Discover Monty's planting advice for April, in this collection of video clips from Gardeners'...



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The best cordless drills in 2023

The best cordless drills in 2023

A drill is an essential tool for creating holes in materials like wood, metal, or brick, to accommodate screws and other types of fittings and there are two main types of drill - drill drivers and hammer drills, also known as combination or combi drills.A drill driver...

Planting Globe Artichokes – BBC Gardeners World Magazine

Planting Globe Artichokes – BBC Gardeners World Magazine

Globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus) is a large-growing perennial vegetable that gives a small, though delicious, harvest. The edible part is the base of the immature flowerheads, which are produced on tall stems above clumps of long, jagged, grey-green leaves....